The Big Voyage of the next Velvet Elvis


February 06, 2024

On Saturday morning, we finished buttoning up the boat, motored to the Izola fuel dock, and then motored over to the nearby town of Portrose to officially export the boat from Slovenia. From there, we hugged our boat builders goodbye and headed out to sea.

We decided to bypass Croatia to make up time. We had driven down one weekend, and true to what the locals told us in 2022, everything is closed in the winter.

Every day was a little warmer and prettier than the previous one. One night, the sunset was so pretty that I got distracted when I should have been turning down the heat on a pot of rice, and we ended up doing a test of the smoke detector nearest the galley. It works.

If you're following on the socials, you've seen a lot of these already:

Motoring from Izola to Piran to officially export the boat from Slovenia. Our boat builders were there to see us off, and one of them came up with a lot of great pictures.
Sailor hair
Had I actually lost my keys, this would not have been helpful.
I'm not sure if I've just been off the water for too long, or if this is the prettiest sunset I've seen. This is the one that burned the rice. I added a video too.
"I wish I wasn't color blind"